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Sorry I've been quiet.

Finally heard back from that job today.

They have been really weird and disorganized - saying that they were going to make a decision, but sending me another assessment to do instead and waiting until yesterday to ask me to come in for a final interview.

I told them I had a doctor's appointment at 3 pm and was very specific about that so that I could answer the phone if they called. I got a call at 3:02 pm. In the voicemail they said that I was overqualified, even 'more qualified than the other girl', but that she was a 'better fit'. They also had the audacity to say that they'd call me if she didn't work out or if they were ready to hire another girl.

Dad was taking me home from the doctor at the time and I told him why I was upset. He didn't say sorry, he didn't even acknowledge that I was really hurt, he just talked about himself like he always does.

So that, plus the fact that I'm going to have to have surgery in a month to remove the cyst that was abscessed so that it can be biopsied for cancer - today has been a big fat zero.

I took half a percocet for the dwindling pain that I have and I can't wait until it kicks in.


I try to be a positive person, though, so here are good things: I did a resume revamp and it's awesome, so I'll be getting a lot more calls in for work (I hope), I have time in between applications to work really hard on some of my planned fic, and the Lying Game and New Girl are on television tonight.

Wish I had some carbs, though.

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let me tell you about my day!

Today, I had surgery. Yep!

The less gross version is that I've had a small cyst on my neck for the last few years and it got totally bonkers and out of control the last few days, growing almost to the size of a baseball. This morning was so bad it hurt to breathe, so I went to the doctor and was referred to a surgeon who worked me in and got it taken care of.

It was gross and I will say this as a person that has had piercings and tattoos on her feet and spine and never been bothered by it, I cried like a little bitch when they started numbing me with the needle. It was pretty much the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life.

The good news, though: Vicodin! Yay! I don't do well with pain meds, but I've been in so much pain that I took one pill and I don't feel woozy or anything, just a modicum of relief.

More good news: I have a huge bandage around my throat and I was kind of high on meds/shaking from the procedure when I went to the store after and I told people that I survived having my throat cut, apparently, hahaha.

The gross news: there is a lot of tape and it hurts when it comes off. I changed the dressings and the whole thing looks GROSS but I am so relieved that all that pressure is gone I could cry.


I feel like writing. How's about you guys give me a fandom and a pairing or something and I shall see what I can do!

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Dear Revolution,

I love you. I do. I really do. You're a great show. I need more apocalyptic shows on my television. You have the genie from Once Upon a Time! You have Tracy Sjsrhfsdjfhramalamadingdong. However, I have a strep throat/flu combo and when your production stops me from going into the pharmacy where my prescriptions have been called in, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

No love,

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So, as far as tv goes, New Girl was amazing tonight. No spoilers, but I'm still clutching my pearls.

While I was waiting for all my shows to come on last night (New Normal, New Girl, Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars - contrary to what my tv schedule looks like on Tuesday, my life doesn't revolve around the television all the time, I swear), I watched a movie called You Instead.

Conceptually it was really simple (and would make an awesome fic) - two rock stars get handcuffed together at a music festival where they're supposed to perform. I don't know, I want to write this fic. But, more than that, I wanted to talk about the inherent hotness of Luke Treadaway.Collapse )

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Didn't get a call back today about the job, which means I wasn't picked for a follow-up interview. Welp. So I painted my nails a greenish glittery mother-of-pearl type color that makes me feel like a mermaid, watched the most ridiculous episode of Supernatural ever (I love everything you choose to be, Felicia Day), and decided I'd continue applying places tomorrow.


I also started rewatching episodes of Jem & the Holograms. Oh god, I love this show. I had a tape of some of the episodes when I was a kid and I wore that crap out. I'm trying to mentally fancast a live action version of Jem & the Holograms now. No, I'm not drunk.

All I gotta say for certain is, Ethan Whitehorse is my Rio Pacheco:

And if Emma Stone went back to red, she'd totes be Kimber, yes? Does anyone else want to weigh in on this?

My first instinct was to pick Ellie Goulding for Jem because she did the pink hair thing recently and I love her like burning, but Ellie's voice is on a whole other level. Therefore, I'd probably pick someone adorable like Teresa Palmer because she's gorgeous and I love her.

I am probably thinking about this too much.

Okay, off to see Arrow and then finish my outline for Operation: Annabel Lee.

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Via the lovely [personal profile] cleo! Here be the rules:

1.) Comment with "Catch the fox"
2.) I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
3.) Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4.) Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (If you want. Totally optional.)

Here are my questions!:

1. What's your super power? After Avengers, I always thought about this a lot (I mean, who doesn't want to wear a cool suit and beat people up as a job?) and I came up with two options: a.) I'd be some weird earth-mover type person that can make plants grow and earthquakes happen, but I couldn't figure out a superhero name for this or b.) I'd be a souped-up shifter and in my head, I think I was calling myself Copycat, but I think that's already taken and also I will never be as cool as Mystique. I'd be kind of happy with a super-intellect, though.

2. If you were a kind of music, what kind would you be? I listen to a lot of folky-type stuff, a lot of European musicians. No offense to American musicians, but people outside of this country just do it better. If I were a song, I'd like to be either: a.) My Blood by Ellie Goulding, b.) The Cave by Mumford and Sons, or c.) Woman King by Iron and Wine. (Additionally, I would sort of like to start a fic prompt meme where everyone either gives or asks for lyrics to any song and you have to write a fic from it. That'd be cool. So many good songs.)

3. What's your favorite color and why? Green. I think it started with a quote from some movie about smarter people liking the color green, but then it began to define me. I'm plotting a remodel on my bedroom and the walls will be a pale, minty green. I buy a lot of clothes in jewel green, too. Out of a family of hazel-eyed people, I'm a genetic fluke with really weirdly green eyes. I'm also a Taurus, so I wonder if it has something to do with my inherent earthiness, but really, I just think it's the best color.

4. Where is your favorite place? I have a tattoo of the word 'Scotland' on the interior of my left ankle. I've never been, but I desperately want to go. I always liked Scotland when I was younger because I somehow got fixated on the accents, so I collected books about it. I found out my family was likely genealogically Scottish somewhere down the line. I got really immersed in culture. When I was thirteen-ish, I started having a really bad time at home. This part is embarrassing, but I'll say it anyway, because I think it can explain why I love a place that I've never been to: I had a really big crisis of faith because of a really bad home situation and I used to pour over the photos of this one book I have on Scotland. I just thought that if something that if places that beautiful actually existed in the world, then maybe there was something bigger out there and maybe I wasn't alone. It inadvertently gave me the wherewithal to withstand some things that no one ever should. So, Scotland. Also, Hogwarts is there. Boom, mic drop.

5. What got you into fandom? I'm pretty sure it was because I was a Hanson fan. That's embarrassing. I'd like a do-over. It was Harry Potter. Yeah, that's it. I wrote really crappy fiction (all traces of which have been obliterated from the internet) and lurked the perimeter of all sorts of fandoms for a while. It's kind of a cool feeling to want to start participating and it's even cooler that I can write stories that I don't think I'll just find enjoyable, but about issues I feel passionate about i.e. badass women. WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE BADASS WOMEN?

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this is a writing progress report.

Guys, I'm over 2k words. \o/ Therefore, appropriate gif is appropriate:

I originally outlined about seven sections and I'm at two so far, so this is going to be a lot bigger than the fic that I originally intended it to be. It's also not as Fat Amy-centric as I intended it to be; instead, it's going to have a lot of emo girl love, which I am A-OK with. I'm just proud of myself for writing anything.

I think when I'm done with this, I'll recommit to Operation: Annabel Lee. I'm thinking about signing up for villainbigbang as it's primarily about a villain (Hook) and maybe the timeline will encourage me. What do you all think?


Saturday, I went shopping with mom and found a LOT of different clothes to wear for an interview. Some we got at Belk (Mom has a card there), some at the Salvation Army, some at Goodwill. I actually went for a nice outfit, but I've managed to cobble together an entire professional wardrobe.

I used my anxiety for good, too: I completely rewrote my resume to be more dynamic. I pared down the objective and made it less I-want-to-learn and more I'm-a-bamf-and-you'll-hire-me-if-you-want-someone-awesome. Trying to take solace in the fact that if I don't get this job, I'll at least get more calls for interviews with a better resume.

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help, friends!

I am over six hundred words into this Pitch Perfect fic and it's distinctly possible I will get to a thousand before bed.

Will any of my lovely friends volunteer for a read-through of this for me? I still haven't figured out where I can find a beta for a fandom this small, but I'd just appreciate anyone reading what I've got and telling me I don't suck as much as I think I do (or if I do, give me a little constructive criticism).

Again, it's Pitch Perfect, Beca/Chloe, will have much Fat Amy and stripping and lolz.

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this is miraculous news right here.

Guys, I am writing. \o/ I actually started on my Pitch Perfect stripper au for trope bingo (though it's barely a stripper au at this point) and I have 164 words. Which is a pretty significant milestone.

My question is: where does one go about getting betas for small fandoms? Like, I'm sure there are tons of people that will beta the crap out of Avengers' fic, but is there, like, a beta resource anywhere?


I think I'm going to do a chicken and chickpea salad for this week's meals, but I realize that I have a can of pumpkin the cabinet leftover from the pumpkin soup that I never made and I'm wondering if I should do some weird pumpkin and berry crockpot oatmeal, too. Decisions.

Grocery shopping soon. I know it's cold outside, but I want some oranges so I can make kale and OJ popsicles. Will also get more quinoa so that I can do another batch of chicken quinoa chili to put in the freezer.


Starting on my Christmas books. Presently reading Heart's Blood by Juliet Marillier. It's her take on the Beauty and the Beast tale and it's kicking me right in the feels. I'm failing on imagining the beast part of the 'beast' as I'm envisioning him as this man right here:

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Keep your fingers crossed.

Who has two thumbs and a job interview for next Tuesday night? This girl. \o/

I need a new interview outfit because I've lost so much weight that I can't keep the slacks up. Concerned about that - I'm broke and so is Mom. Hoping she'll have a sympathetic credit card.

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